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fnlights_eps's Journal

Friday Night Lights - Its not just Football.
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Friday Night Lights
Tuesdays on NBC @ 8pm EST
(Wednesdays as of Jan. 8th, 2007)

In Dillon, Texas, high school football isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life. This year, the Dillon Panthers are expected to go all the way. That’s a lot of pressure for Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) in his first year as head coach. Not to mention, the pressure on the athletes who all have their sights set on college and the NFL. Coach Taylor is ready to mold these boys into champions and encourage them to be better men. The stakes are high, the reward is sweet, and the pressure is immense. Will they rise to the challenge?

It's not just Football, it's the hopes and dreams of an entire town
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